Tuesday, June 19, 2007

vps, first thing to do!

More than a month, I have been toying around with the vps. Now, I just want to record my activities with it. I think it is very easy. I use vpsfarm @ www.vpsfarm.com. I think they don't have any machines left at the moment.

I choose debian as it is the root of ubuntu. Five minutes after installation, they send me the password via email.

First thing to do, change the password. it must be unique, between 8-12 characters, combination of upper case, lower case and numbers.

the command is:

debian:~# passwd
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
passwd: password updated successfully

You must enter the same password twice, to avoid mistyping the password as the character you typed is not shown in the screen.

It's all done! Next is how we install LAMP into it.


sylvaticus said...

Hello.. I just bought a VPS Debian on vpsland me too.. just wandered how did u done without apt..

After having logged in on my new VPS I wanted run apt-get update but I realize I haven't any apt related command.. did u find yourself on the same situation or is a bug of my image???

Daniel Adinugroho said...

Hi, my debian comes with apt-get. It would be very difficult if you don't have apt as usually vps comes with bare os, even without apache-php-mysql. you should check it with vpsland, maybe the image is corrupt as you suggested. Have you tried to reinstall the image?

Or try this,
% dpkg -l \*apt\*

this is to find out whether apt is truly not installed. apt is just a front-end of dpkg, so you can just install apt using dpkg.

May I know why you choose vpsland?