Sunday, November 4, 2007

Create Local Repo From DVD

1. Copy DVD contents to the folder in web server:
a. Preparing the folder, ie: /var/www/ubuntu, by doing $ sudo mkdir -p /var/www/ubuntu
b. Mount the DVD Repo to the /cdrom, $ sudo mount /cdrom
c. Copying the DVD Content to /var/www/ubuntu using rsync, $ sudo rsync -avx --progress /cdrom/. /var/www/ubuntu/.
d. Do (b) and (c) for all of your dvd repos.

2. Combine divided repo (ie: Gutsy)
a. Enter dvd repo #1, then mount it: $ sudo mount /cdrom
b. $sudo cp /cdrom/dists/gutsy/main/binary-i386/Packages /var/www/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/main/binary-i386/
c. eject the /cdrom, then do for dcd repo #2 $ sudo mount /cdrom
d. cat /cdrom/dists/gutsy/main/binary-i386/Packages >> /var/www/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/main/binary-i386/
should peemission denied, try: (don't forget to change back to 644)
$ sudo chmod 666
e. recreate the Packages.gz and
$ cd /var/www/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/main/binary-i386/
$ sudo rm Packages.gz Packages.bz2
$ sudo gzip -9 -c Packages > Packages.gz
$ sudo bzip2 -9 -c Packages > Packages.bz2
f. repeat for dvd #3, #4 and #5 for universe libraries.

3. That's all, you can activate it by adding:

deb http://[your-server-address]/ubuntu gutsy main restricted universe multiverse

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tarsio said...

sir... what's the diffrent copying using 'rsync' and the reguler 'cp' command?