Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Managing your wealth with Buddi Day 4: Create budgets

The other thing also important in managing your wealth is setting your budget, your spending limit. It used to be easy since there is no credit card, or it would be easy for people not using credit card since the limit is the money available in your hand. However, it is also no good. We need to set the budget for our expenses, so that we do not waste our money on something useless. In some cases, unpredictable emergency expenses also need to be allocated. Finally, they are depending on yourself as the manager to manage the budget. In Buddy you can create budget as follow:

1. Run Buddy, navigate to "Budget" tab and click on Edit -> Create Budget
2. You can create category of your budget here. In addition, you also can create subcategory of a category, see the sample below:

3. Finally your budget summary is below:

That's it for today.

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