Monday, July 23, 2007

create cd image in mac

last post is about manipulating cd image in linux, now, how about mac? Disk Utility is a powerful tools that can burn a cd/dvd image. In addition, you do not need cd daemon tools to mount a cd image as you can just double click the iso file and it will be mounted automatically.

One thing that is not yet available in an easy way is how to create an image of a cd. Being BSD based, mac inherited some BSD/Linux commands. one of them is dd. But, just now I found out one freeware application to make a cd image easily, its name is ISOlator. You can download the application in

Installing this application is easy, just double click the zip file, then follows the instruction to drag the ISOlator to the Application's folder.

Launch the application, there will be a small window appear on the screen, drag your cd's icon to this window, then you will be asked to give a name and location for the new iamge file.

Wait few minutes and the iso file will be ready. That's it all you need to do.

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