Monday, July 2, 2007

transfer big files ....

transferring a file larger than 4 gb was is a pain. i could not do it from fedora 4/5 although ubuntu feisty fawn could.

the problem is I need to transfer file from my gateway server [fedora 5] to file server [fedora 4].

[scp simply cannot do that as the file, ubuntu repo, is over 4gb. it is the limitation of scp protocol.] <-- not sure, see comment!

sftp should be able to do it by don't know why it stops at 4gb marked.

solution using dd:
# dd if=ubuntu-repo-amd64-1.iso | ssh root@ of=/data/ubuntu-repo-amd64.iso

resulting the same!

any suggestions?


fajran said...

really? i copied the dvd repo iso from my pc to using scp and it worked

Daniel Adinugroho said...

i forgot where I read that, not sure as well because i also have no problem using ubuntu. the problem was aroused in fedora. i tried that several times but still it stop in 4gigs marks.

Daniel Adinugroho said...

thanks to fajran, now, i think the scp limitation not exactly true as i can use macos 10.4.10 to download it, the problem is with fedora. is there the file system limitation? but the filesystem i use for fedora and ubuntu are same.

what's wrong with fedora??? all of our servers are using fedora 4/5 and all of them cannot be used to copy over. do we need to replace fedora with ubuntu?

fajran said...

still not sure where the problem is. but in this morning, i downloaded the isos using winscp in windows to ntfs filesystem and there was no problem.

Daniel Adinugroho said...

it was very strange, now I can do it. From any os, win, mac and fedora. Icould not figure out what was the problem. The unique thing is that previously it was stopped at 4gb mark. now without any changes it works!

problem solved without any satisfied explanation.