Sunday, August 5, 2007

mac fonts to ttf

I was very interesting in the font used in Eclipse IDE under MacOS, so I was thinking how could I used that font in my web.

After googling, I found out this utility called fondu, I downloaded it the macos version then installed it as usual pkg installation. Little bit confusion after installation. Where was the fondu? Looking around in Application found nothing. But, when typing in terminal it did exist there!

The font used by Eclipse IDE called Monaco.dfont. to transfer to ttf, just type:
% cd /System/Library/Fonts
% sudo fondu -show Monaco.dfont

-show is to see what fonts are created using fondu.
sudo needs as you try to create a new file in the System directory where your user does not allow to do so.

should you want to create .afm, just add -afm flag,
% sudo fondu -show -afm Monaco.dfont

Now, I could embed it to the html/css....[next]

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