Sunday, August 12, 2007

unrar in ubuntu

sometimes we need to extract a file. zip or tar.gz files could be opened directly in linux, but rar is not supported. to be able extract a rar file, we should install unrar.

% sudo apt-get install unrar

two useful and most used command is

% unrar e your-file-name.rar #--- to extract the rar file in the current directory

% unrar l your-file-name.rar #-- to list the content of the rar file


moataz said...

thanx ... this was really a great help tip

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you. I was searching for the syntax ;)

Pneuma said...

Thanks a lot from Spain. Everithing was OK.

Guntur said...

makasih mas...
sangat membantu..
dari semarang to??

seth said...

Thank you very much you were there when it was needed :)