Thursday, August 16, 2007

uninstall linux ati driver

There is two way to install linux ati driver, automatic and package generation. Therefore, the uninstallation process depend on the way we install it.

1. Automatic:

% cd /usr/share/ati
# must be done as a root
% sh ./

2. Package generation
If you generate the package, then you install it using the package manager available in your compie, so just uninstall it using that. Simple.

Don't forget to uninstall it before install a new version!


ian said...

Great, thanks a lot - that fixed my blank screen of death issue after I updated my ati drivers...


Anonymous said...

Thks guy you really help me

Anonymous said...

My screen was too zoomed in so i Recently installed an ATI driver and it gave me some sort of Rainbow crash effect on my screen and wouldn't allow me to login soon as i 'Startx' it would reboot my computer.

This solution worked perfect and gave me a msg 'System restored completed' or something.

Best thing about it that my screen is no longer zoomed in even though i removed the driver it's all fixed and my screen is now BIG!

Thanks for this.