Sunday, May 31, 2009

Managing your wealth with Buddi Day 1: Installation day

Have you ever notice how much have you been spent monthly on shopping? or how much have you been spent on food? If not, then you need buddi. I read the review of buddi on Info Linux (Indonesian open source magazine). I think I will try this to see my spending. I used to be using Excel. It was good but I was too lazy to update it. Anyway, let's try it:

1. Download buddi from its website. It is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The main reason why I want to try this is that buddi is developed using Java. I choose to try this on Windows 7 RC, so I download the Windows version.

2. After finished download it, run the installer. It is very easy, just run it and accept all default values.

3. Buddi is now already installed on my Windows 7 machine. Run Buddi, you will be welcomed with "Make a donation" page, simply click on "Not now" (please make a donation if you think it is helping you. Disclaimer: I am not having any kind of relationship with this product or the eprson behind it. Just think that it would be nice to encourage the developer in maintaning and further developing this product).

That is for now, today I will check all of my bank accounts so I can input my "wealth".

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