Saturday, May 30, 2009

Symfony of Love Day 2: Business Case

On the day 1, I already defined the simple requirements for my new project. Now, going further to define the business case. I made an observation on how my wife running the business. Below are the scenario,

1. Items are coming from the supplier.

a. When items are coming from supplier, their information should be recorded into the system. The important information are Item name, description, weight, photo (yes, it would be nice to have the picture of it), purchase price, quantity, minimum stock level for re-ordered and also the storage location if already decided. Otherwise, a default location would be supplier by the system.

b.When the item is not yet in the system, there should be a new window displayed to record the information of the new item.

c. After all items have been recorded, a summary page is displayed listing all items received from a supplier, then supplier information is also entered including the shipping cost.

d. Next step is to determine the sale price. The items are displayed in a table contains information about purchase price, shipping cost, suggested sale price (5% profit, 10%profit, 15% profit, 20% profit, 25% profit, 30% profit, 40% profit and 50% profit). The last column would be final sale price.

e. After sale prices are determined. The process is finished and back to main menu.

2. Customer makes a purchase.

a. When customer makes a purchase, a window displayed to provide the operator to record the items to be delivered to the customer. The information needed is item id/name, quantity and delivery date, due payment date, the customer information and also the payment method.

b. After all information required are recorded, operator should be able to print out the invoice. Two invoices are generated. One with the "Copy" watermark and the other one is "Paid" watermark.

3. Management.

a. CRUD of items (stock management), customers and payment method.

I know, probably this is what I would not do in the real business case. However, I am short of time at the moment ;( so that's all for today.

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